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BEFORE you hook up that 9v.... WAIT. Thats the older 6v board.
You can tell because it has the 1st gen button-style switch, on/off, and its a 6v board.

No problem. They work just as well as later 9v boards, but you will need to get a 6v battery pack from Radio Shack that holds 4 AA batteries. Or, use a 9v with a regulator. (or get a later style, or aftermarket board).

Later boards had a lever-style switch, and no on/off. The board was supposed to go into "sleep mode" if you didn't fire it after a while. Just as well because the 1st gen had the switch in the shroud, and the shroud was the first thing that people removed and threw away!

Otherwise, all looks like its there. If you get bored, you can always convert to a mech pneu-trigger, like a vector, or a pump like a sterling. both conversions are trivial.

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