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Currently in my possession I have:

Tiberius T9
A5 Tacamo mag feed (pending trade)
98 custom
WGP pre2k (pending trade)
WGP pre2k
2k4 Prostock sniper (primary)
AGD Automag
Spyder Imagine

Guns I've owned over the years: (grab some popcorn and a drink)

Tippmann Prolite (x12) (I'm about to pick up 4 more in trade for one of my WGP snipers)
Tippmann A5 (x4)
Tippmann 98 (x8)
Tippmann X7 (x5)
Tippmann TPX (x2)
Sheridan PMI-1 (x3)
Sheridan LB (x3)
Sheridan PGP (x4)
Sheridan 68 Magnum (x1)
Trilogy (x1)
AGD Auto/Minimag (x5)
Invert Mini (x2)
Smart Parts Ion (x2)
Smart Parts Vibe (x1)
Spyder Victor II (x2)
VM68 (x5)
Tiberius T8 (x2)
Tiberius T9 (x2)
CCI Phantom (x1)
ATCI TM11A (x1)
WGP Autococker (x4)
Splatmaster (x2)
BT4 combat (x1)
PCS-US25 (x1)
Mag rifle (could be in the same category as automags, but it IS a bit different. ) (x1)
Spyder Imagine (x1)
Brass Eagle Tigershark (x1)
Piranha USP (x1)

I may be forgetting a couple, but that's mostly it.
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