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Preliminary thoughts: just wearing them as I write a paper to stretch them out...

The LS system is supposed to be for accomodating high arches, but at its loosest I found it significantly harder to slip on. One on it ties up tight, and the laces velcro down so they aren't swinging all over. Worried about how long the stripes on top will last, probably the same paint as on my gold/black Komodos, which is already cracking a little bit after a few weeks (and a wash per week or so).

Seem comfy enough, but have to wear them a few runs. Nice touch is that the insole is sewn in; I had noticed if my feet got really sweaty in the Komodos my toes would slide along the insole or just pull it along without actually bending the toes of the shoe. Might be avoided this way.

Bottom feels really grippy!
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