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Brass and Wood Fan
Originally Posted by Gustav12 View Post
I used the heck out of my first pair of KSO's woodsballing. They held up really well to sliding and whatnot. The only bit of damage I had was when I was running through some brush a twig tore a chunk out of the mesh on the top of them.

My only peeves with them were constantly getting copious quantities of flowers/pieces of grass/etc. caught between my toes, and KSO's did not provide very good traction in mud. I've got a pair of Komodos at the moment, saving up for the Spyridon's, look like they'll be perfect for paintball and hiking.
Yeah, you really do want a more aggressive tread pattern like the Treks or Treksports have, or the Spyridon's.

As to the grass, flowers, and such getting trapped, yeah, I have had that happen a time or two.
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