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Wow... I bought a pair because I used to love running barefoot on the track in high school. I bought a pair of KSOs and really like them. I wanted to start wearing them for runs and working out and started to wear them instead of flip-flops.

Took a bit of getting used to as far as picking out the ground type to wear them in. Really rocky soil with golfball size to softball size stones is not the place for KSOs. I did use them in the water instead of booties for my flippers. I imagine using them for canoeing, kayaking, surfing, and other water sports will be just as good. Just watch out for sand, as it can get in through the mesh top.

They do not provide much insulation from temperatures. I helped out at a flag football game in them on artificial turf and my feet were getting uncomfortably hot. I do not wear socks with them.

I want to start playing in them, so I'm glad this thread came out. Sounds like the Treks are the way to go.

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Another question: for those of you that use your VFFs fairly regularly, how did you start working into them? I understand that running too much can cause a variety of injuries if your form is wrong, and have read running without them on can help you develop the best form (because your feet will feel the ground better and let you know when to stop for now, whereas the VFF soles protect you from this "warning").

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