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OK, I discovered the source of my rage on the way home from Real Deal Paintball today.

I was miffed that the first event we planned to attend was a bust. However I came to realize that I was furious with myself for throwing in the towel on this tour. (I should have known, the only one who can make me this mad is myself!)

So I am not going to let you lot get me down. HOWEVER! I am going to ask you to be honest when you post about which events you WILL attend. Please do not say you will come and then pull out at the last minute. If you do not want to or cannot attend an event, Please state that up front as well. Respect the work I am putting into this.

I would also ask you to respect the fact that I am putting both my name and Featuring Deaths reputation out there by promoting us before we get to these events. Sound fair? Good.

I will copy the first post from the old thread in here next. Then I will sort out some kind of poll to get an idea as to where people want to play.

I am going to put today behind me and I will see you at the field with a smile on my face tomorrow!
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