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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
To be fair I feel like the Halo series wouldn't survive another release without some serious freshening. It was fun in it's time but like others have said how many times can you really replay a campaign. I mean, multiplayer is a different story but I've never had any interest in the multiplayer segment anyway, these games have always been about the story for me.
That's a good point, and I totally agree. I have never had Xbox Live, but I bought Halo: Combat Evolved with $40 worth of birthday money when I was little. The story is near and dear to my heart. Maybe I'm just being picky because I'm so attached to it.

I'm very hopeful of the story involving Forerunners though... I definitelty knew there was a strong connection by the end of Halo 2. I love the magic that you got when you first stepped out of that escape pod onto the first Halo Ring... and I hope they can recreate that.

That being said, I hate the square battle rifle scope.
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