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well guys thanks for all the help on the trigger spring I bought the pistol (its a t8 btw) there was a slight split in the two grip halves(really ****ty design if the grip halves wont stay together) stripped the gun cleaned all of it reset the one end of the spring back outside the frame with a lil bend on it to keep if from slipping back in there (another really junky design) then reassembled the marker and loaded it. Guess what! wouldnt fire lol!!!!!! after 5 min of cussing i disassembled again and ran the bolt forward (previous owner error it seems)(and new idiot owner error for me not checking it with the first disassembly loll) and reassembled the marker. SHOOTS LIKE A DREAM!!!! TEZ i will be adding the earth magnet mod if tiberius has no fix for that trigger assembly. Also guys one other question i know im in the wrong post for this but im getting about 16 shots out of one 12 gram on that marker. is that about right? reg is set and chronod at about 290 and relief valve is set as well. temp was really low though probably about 45 degrees when i tested it id shoot one clip then pop the clip reload the paint and get maybe another clip shot through the one more shot and no air. i have no leaks and three clips to use. is that about right? how many shots are you experienced T8 users getting out of one 12 gram? Thanks for all the help guys im really starting to like this tiberius after shooting it except for a few small flaws mentioned above its pretty solid.


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