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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
To be fair I feel like the Halo series wouldn't survive another release without some serious freshening. It was fun in it's time but like others have said how many times can you really replay a campaign.
As far as I'm concerned, tons of times. Assuming it's Halo or Reach, that is. Fairly open battlefields, dynamic enemy behavior with an organic class system, chained explosions, wicked vehicle combat and playgrounds designed for both solo and co-op play.

Replaying Halo (Anniversary) in co-op right now and while I find it "old" in some ways, it's still unmatched in other ways. Romping through the first Halo level with the warthog is still pretty wicked.

Now, firefight added a lot to Reach so I'm bummed that it's gone, but then on the other hand... Spartan Ops sounds crazy.
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