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Jcurt 90* frame - My thoughts

So I picked up a jcurt 90* when they were on sale.

First off jcurt is a man I will deal with again. Great guy.

Now on to my thoughts,
LOOKS- The jcurt frame I have is black with black panels and looks great.

FEEL- This frame is thin which I love. A little small but it fits great in my decently large sized hands. Compared to my 45 frame with stock grips it feels maybe 1/4 inch thinner. The panels are also very cool. My panels are black, but I believe they are also available in red, clear,orange, and blue not sure though. The panels are recessed into the frame though which is a factor in its thinness. As far as slipping goes because of not having rubber grips I did not expierance any. The finger grooves felt great as well

INSTALLATION- 5 minutes very simple just unscrew a screw in the frame and screw on the jcurt frame

IN GAME- I LOVED IT. Used it with a cci t stock and snap shooting was very nice. Much more natural feel. Personally, I felt the gun pointed easier.

Overall- if you are not thrilled with your frame or you wish to try something new I highly reccomend this frame. Made me feel like i was holding a new gun. Grerat for snap shooting.

Side note- I see people posting about the finger being too far from the trigger and I didn't really notice it as an issue at all.

10 out of 10 great job jcurt
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