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Originally Posted by Twilight View Post
Just completed my first "Fran" yesterday in 9:01
21-15-9 reps, for time

I started my thrusters with 75lbs but had to drop down to 65lbs 5 reps into round 2.
Also started with regular pullups (no kipping) but had to switch to ring rows for the 3rd round.

Overall I was happy that I gave it my best but was really frustrated about the pullups. I was convinced that I would be able to stick with them the whole way through.

I probably could have shaved quite a bit of time too if I started with 65lbs for thrusters from the beginning but wanted to push myself a bit. Even after completing the entire first round, I was able to go much quicker just by dropping the weight only 10lbs.
Worry more about the proper movements and form then your time. Remember smooth is fast. If your form is good then your less tired and as a result faster. Not to mention with proper form you are also able to lift more weight.
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