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I'm old 'be patient and long shot them' rig was a Puma with a long 7oz under the barrel, a 12oz on the back, a 14" Armson Stealth, and a shotgun scope. It would consistently put ball after ball through 2" bunker cracks halfway across the field, and made a delightfully satisfying "thuNK!" when fired.

But I'm thinning my herd... so, free up for a sweet gun
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Air Power Vector... a MAN's gun....... A gun with a report loud enough that lesser players will pee themselves in fright at the massive concussion wave emmited by the stout thick walled barrel of DOOM. A paintball gun fit for Arnold in the original Terminator movie. A gun that'll pump up those pect's of yours to where women will swoon at the raw muscles you'll soon have.

Air Power Vector, for the man that has climbed to the peak and wants to look down on the beaten and defeated opponents left in his wake.
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