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Trails Of Doom
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The last video I put up here was from Paintball Country in West Chester Ohio. That was at the Transformers scenario in honor of Bob Niederman who passed away recently from Cancer.

It was for a good cause, so I left my private field and headed over to PAY to play paintball for the first time...

If the video is labeled "Trails of Doom" then that is my private field behind my house, we have about 30 acres that we play on which is perfect for paintball. Lots of big trees, huge hills, and no matter which way you go, you will cross a creek to get to the other camp. (we have about 4 creeks on the property). I open it up to my friends and customers who know me from my business dealings. Some guys play golf, with their customers... Not me, I shoot my customers and put it on youtube! lol.

We play monthly in the fall, winter, and spring, but I am very picky about who I let play, as it is a honor field, no refs, and our rules are set up to lessen overshooting. We play if you are hit, you are out, regardless of paint breaking. As many guys don't have the money to buy better paint, so we don't want them peppering players with tons of paint just to get one to finally break! I have guys that come down from Columbus, and up from Lexington, as our events are very fun, and are great to help guys stay in shape, as it is a workout going from one camp to the other! We start very early in the morning and play until about 12:30 or 1:00pm. So the guys that play from far away usually stay at someones house the night before, as we start chronoing the guns at 8:30am... We are on the field playing by 9:15am. I have walked out in the morning to start the fires at the camps and found guys sleeping in my driveway in their cars... lol.
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