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Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
its a .exe file that needs WINRAR to open. wont work on a mac.
Did you actually read that link? The majority of those macs are infected with crap meant for windows OS. Lets be real, it has nothing to do with the mac being a superior OS in virus prevention. It comes down to market share. There are FAR more PC's out there than macs so there are obviously more viruses designed to target and exploit the PC user.

Macs aren't the golden egg as so many fan boys like to claim. They have nicely polished UI for sure but they often use the same components as a comparable PC that are just marked up exponentially and handicapped to play nice with their software.

I'll take a more powerful PC at a fraction of the price any day, even if it is a little more unstable.

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$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
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I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.
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