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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
Nobody- where do you live in South Jersey? i rather send my marker to someone who can do everything (polish the internals, upgrade my board, and set the gun up to perfection)??? do you know anyone who could help me out?
South Jersey, Cape May County, Villas to be exact.

i don't upgrade boards, but you can buy Kila Drive board. i can set up the gun, if you want(i have a chrono and a scuba tank and you can supply the paint ). clean it, lube it, go through it, no problems there. i haven't done any polishing myself. i personally have some upgraded parts, so i don't have to do some of the home mods, or haven't yet. i do want to port and polish a couple rams, as well as doing some testing on the various rams i have(stock, polished, P&P, devolumized, GBR). but the harness work, and trying to put together some of my own project guns takes up a but of time. as of right now, i have 4 guns of my own to finish & one where i have to complete(set the board in the gun and button up the grips), keeps me from doing the DIY stuff.

but i can certainly go through the gun, show you some tips that i use, answer any and all questions to the best of my ability and help anyone out that appreciates the fine ICD guns out there.
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