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Originally Posted by Cale View Post
I picked up a DSP frame and duckslide right before SPE. I had some velocity issues on the field, and was breaking my gun down. I heard a 'pop!' and realized I had taken it apart with the hammer cocked.

This caused my trigger return spring and trigger stop to pop out. I reassembled the frame from instructions in the video posted online, but I'm having trouble keeping the spring and trigger stop in place. After several squeezes, the trigger pull becomes rough, and the spring and stop eventually dislodge.

Does anyone have any advice? The spring doesn't show any signs of damage/bending from my gaff. Neither do any of the other components.

I'm considering taking a small ball style dremmel bit and creating a relief in the frame for the return spring to rest in. (I'd do this with a proper mill, not with a dremmel tool.)

My other thought was to drill and tap the back of the trigger for an adjustable trigger stop. The stop would have to be very small, given the width of the trigger itself. I'm not too hot on this one, especially since Dukie doesn't even want to do this on the new batch.

Anyone else having an issue like this? Any other advice?
Put the spring and pin in place. Pull the trigger slightly. You will notice the back rotated up a tiny amount. Hold it there and push the pin and spring back down to the bottom. Cut end of the spring towards the back iirc.

New triggers with an integral pin are made. I just need to debur them before I send them out. Plus I need to get the front sites compete for the slides so i can ship everything at once.
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