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sounds like from another thread that a black gargy is being given flight by its owner (p4perclip?) couldnt even see the serial on the photos lol but that accounts for another complete marker.

kind of amazing the hybrid that slim has up hasnt gotten more pings - given the scarcity of even parts in the wild.

I can't believe the one from p4perclip is still for sale... this might be a record for the amount of time it has been on the market. If i hadn't pieced together my own "hybrid" over the past several months I would have tried to work something out for it. I don't know about the one from Slim though.. a lot of money when the whole upper is stock. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty, but the one I have has a WWA feed, ASP Roundhead body, etc, and the rest is RTR... I've gotten so attached to this one that I think it is perfect for me. I do like the body/feed of the gargoyle, but the asp with the dual detent and the WWA feed fits my style of play.. I'm finally content with my SC marker. One of these days the Anno will be complete and I'll share photos.. one of these days..
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