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was debating eden of the east

seen all of Death Note

Watched Gantz to the bitter end and then demanded a refund on the last 2 months of my life....

Sword of a Stranger - movie rocked
Gunslinger Girl was fun
Angel Beats - the 2nd episode omg funniest thing ever
being tormented by One Piece by the better half ugh at least its not a Naruto fest
Kaze no Stigma was fun

So many releases on the SAVE format lately - entire seasons for less than $20 rocks =P

Waiting on the new Rurouni Kenshin release - tho I heard its a side story basically
Mushi-shi entertaining but depressing

The program I want to get released but still eludes me is Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu aka Legend of the Galactic Heroes - space opera supreme - have the ORIGINAL Laserdiscs (yes the whole series plus OAV's) but that requires me to think because its all strictly in Japanese =P ah well one of these days /sigh

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