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Originally Posted by 4G010H3R0 View Post
I want a split receiver but top and bottom wise would be way better if that could be worked out. I mean im not sure if it could be but I think that would make cleaning it a lot easier, its such a PITA atm.

A lever changer would be cool but not required.
Lose the finger grooves for sure. Add the ability to add .45grips?
In a new receiver the ability to add real gun sights would be nice too.
This ^
Although the stock composite (plastic) clam-shells as it stands are pretty durable and not at all cheap feeling, you simply can't get over the fact that the majority of the TPX/TiPX is plastic! Just something in our minds (specifically mine) is that plastic equates to something that is along the lines of a "toy" and has the characteristics of being cheap and what have you. The main things about plastic is that it has flash and cast imperfections, can still essentially break or crack with a certain amount of force, prone to have misalignment, and it is not as customizable as would it be for aluminum clam-shells (e.g., mill, cut, lathe, anodize, etc). But instead of clam shells, perhaps an aluminum two-piece horizontally split receiver?
Furthermore, after analyzing my new TiPX, I've concluded that the barrel shroud is essentially not needed, and I have no idea as to why Tippmann decided to make one aside from it being slightly expandable as its aluminum (i.e., it can be milled, drilled, tapped for picatinny/weaver rails, anodized, etc). So if there was to be a new aluminum body kit for the TPX/TiPX, the barrel shroud could be eliminated so as to give the marker an overall clean look and reduce the amount of parts present and if that, reduce some weight -- also, after Tippmann had introduced the TiPX with the True-Feed Magazines, the side windows have become difficult to use effectively out on the filed due to the limited view and light that the current windows allow for, this issue is also because the slots on the magazines are configured slightly different in comparison to the first 8round magazines. So with that, you could perhaps make a slot that runs across the side vertically but at an angle much like the mod found on the Tiberius Pistols, but integrate a long clear window on the inside to keep out dust, dirt, and exploding paint in the heat of battle
What is almost certain is that if you are running exclusively on 12gram CO2 cartridges, that a new body kit of some kind has to have a lever release CO2 quick-changer system. While we're on the subject of custom stuff..we should also discuss a run of aluminum extended magazines, that I would be all over..more so than a body kit


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