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Weekly Update 4/27

had fun at PSP in AZ, roasted, it was 107*!

back to work......

7 barrels done so far
t8 program is in the cnc lathe, ran the first t8 barrel, need to run a cci feedtube next

gotta pm the t8.1/9/1 guy real quick

if ya havnt heard.... supergame is comin up QUICK! (NEXT FRIDAY!)

today i want to wrap up as many customer orders as possible.....
tomorrow (yes SATURDAY) im comin in the shop for 4-5 hours to get more stuff done!

not sure when im doin a po run... either tonight or tomorrow, not sure, depends on how it goes

after i leave the shop today, im stoppin at harbor freight for some supergame supplies (megaphones, micro fibers, toolboxes, etc)
then goin to Ink Birgade screen printing, to pick up the biggest order of Pump Militia stuff i've ever done! 125 pieces, T's, Long Sleeves, V necks and hoodies!

after that its off to the scuba shop to drop my new tank off (bought it off a buddy, more air for tech'in!)

gonna do a walmart and home depot run too, probably need to empty my car out before i do those....

tomorrow, more shop time
then to the pb store, and field, need to fix the 2 broken posts, and get the netting hung up before we practice on sunday!

next week.... PURE CHAOS

need to finish up a TON of stuff for the booth

for future reference, i will not take customer stuff the 2 weeks leading up to supergame, this is crazy busy/jammed/nuts/ahhh! shoulda asked you guys to slow down on the barrels... haha

crawler, your stuff will go out asap
kscupider, got a new forgrip made from scratch, this one is gonna be cooler, worth the wait!
tedaut, got your 1st barrel done
vagabond, your stuff is half done, havnt had a chance to do the barrels, need to test the orings in a barrel before i do a customer barrel
freak tip threading.... workin on it, need to find a freak back to test fit on

gotta get back on the machines, runnin outta time, ahhh!!!
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