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Mel... I can't say enough about your company and it's product. So good. I have automags and an autococker and a couple various other markers and last year they saw most of their action as loaners... I played with them once each during the year just to say that I did.

Thanks crazy... I wanted to go with something pretty classic for my first CCM. I planned to only run it with a sport shot but I got tired of having to shake and bake after 4-5 shots with the A/T, hence the Rotor. I plan on doing some sort of color combo when the new gun comes out though. (Hot pink FTW!)

Only a small handful of people even know what a sniper is where I play, much less a CCM... Regardless of how many conversations I've had about my little pumper, the common way to explain "the pump guy" at my field is... "Yeah, keep an eye on him if you see him out there".
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