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.67cal Buwwets!
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I have been that guy at my local field for quite a few years now, at first the owners son called me "that pump dude" until he had learned my name. They will all be curious and there will be some people who will underestimate your firepower because of the pump until they hear 10-12 shots smash against their bunker or whiz by thief face from it, then they will not make that mistake again. I love hearing peoples reactions to the CCM guns speed with the AT. I really only run Winchester, I find they feed great, I rarely need to shake n bake, I run lock lids on them. I am not a big hopper fan but the rotor would probably be my top choice, that and a classic revy but all I really use are the Winnie's.

Just represent the good classic standard of a pump player and they will all come to enjoy seeing "that pump guy" hauling his gear down to the field staging area. I didn't get out much last year, only twice, I miss my friends at the field.
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