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Old Spyder won't recock

Hey guys,

A friend of mine bought a used Spyder marker and asked if I could fix it because it would not recock (it would make a burrrrp noise) and had a bad leak. I narrowed the leak down to a bad cup seal which I replaced and the leak went away.

I then replaced all the o-rings on the striker, expansion chamber/expansion chamber block, and valve. I also replaced both the striker main spring and the valve spring. No luck.

I have inspected the striker and sear for wear and both look fine. I have adjusted the velocity all the way up and all the way down and everywhere in between and it still won't recock.

There is no little filter-like disk in the ASA to get oxidized so that is not it. I've tried 2 different CO2 tanks, both full. HPA is not readily available where I live.

I did notice that there is no striker guide pin. Should there be one? I'm not even sure what model it is. Is this a Spyder Classic or a Spyder One? Below are some pics.

I've googled this problem a dozen different ways and I'm still stumped. Does anybody know what could be the problem?

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