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People i have given to:

- just gave somebody in Norway a NY metrocard. That's like a free souvenir.
- Scottiepb - macroline i think

People who have given to me:

- IONFTW_JK (unofficial techpb chat) -> broken 3way
- Mr. Rings (mcb irc chat) -> nickel tickler lpr
- Scottieb (mcb) -> pre-2k cocker front block + 2 banjo bolts - great condition too

Items i'm willing to ship for free:
- philips head 10-32 (asa) screws (i can cut them to w/e length, lmk)
- CO2 tank valves/parts
i gotta look around

Items i'm willing to give if you cover shipping:
- black rental 200 rd hopper.
- 100rd pods clear or black

Items i'm looking for:

- barbs (any kind)
- actually any autococker parts including broken or stripped

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