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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
a dsp that takes tpx mags.
It is a DSP frame on a phantom bottom fed body. It does'nt take TPX mags. There is just no way to make them fit without making it a whole lot more expensive. They are way to deep to fit in there.

It does accept first strikes though!

Its not finished as you can see. I didnt have time to work on the mags before I left on friday. Also needs a mag release in there somewher and a bit of work inside . This is more of a proof of conecpt than anything else. I already know the frame system works, now I need to deal with the feed system.

The top block isn't quite the way it is supposed to be as the pump rod won't go through it properly. I need to make a call to mike to check a number. Either he transposed a digit or I did over the phone. Otherwise I would have thrown a pump on it as well.

It is absolutely freaking tiny though

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