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Originally Posted by Sfy03 View Post
Hey guys...
I used to play ball awhile back - but got out due to getting married and tougher financial situations. I'm starting to get back into the scene and was curious if there were still any pump'ers around left?
I remember the forums over at always had a bunch of traffic on it with central florida pump'ers, but it seems that has faded away..I guess everyone is here now...????
I played a few pump tournaments at CFP a few years back - is that still happening anymore?
Also, was curious if a guy by the name of Lee was still around playing pump ball? We go back a ways - use to play out at Paintball Experience in Lakeland where he first introduced me to pump ball...
Really would like to catch up with you guys and play some ball sometimes....You guys really were a cool bunch of guys! The pump scene def has the most legit players, and you guys all act like family --- thats what paintball is all about in my opinion!
Hope to catch up with you all soon! Take care!
Its only going to get worse on MCB muahahahaha
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