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Originally Posted by bacci paintball View Post
Later version Tagmaster/Hornets and maybe trracers and mavericks use 20 tpi but I think the width is still the same.
Can you post a picture of it when you take it out? Also the valve retaining screw would likely be a standard phantom vrs for comparison.
It's definitely an old Valve.

I just measured it and it's definitely 20tpi, and it's 5/8" diameter to the outside of the threads. ID is .320 inches!

Originally Posted by tedaut View Post
From my experience the older pre dye carters that ive owned use the same size valve nut threading as a phantom which is 9/16 x18. But the newer carters seem to all be 5/8 x 18 . jas these two sizes. Heres a link

ASP Online Store: Carter Powertube Assembly
Thanks for the link and for the input for anyone else w/ this same question Tedaut. It looks like this is definitely an older valve... hopefully Bacci's got one that will fit, and if not, eh... no biggie Don't really need it; just nice to have a backup in case...
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