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An ode to Phantoms

Well, today was the first time in about 4-5 years, that I shot a Phantom. The last time was in my room, at close range (less than five feet) into a plastic bin. My relationship with the Phantom has evolved from pure hate, to mixed feelings of wonder and resentment.


The first time I shot the gun, I was pissed because it double-fed, and sent two paintballs into the bucket I'd setup to catch the shots (ghetto paintball trap to 'catch' the shots). One actually made it, the other bounced back and hit the ceiling. This resulted in the ceiling looking like a scene out of Aliens. Had it not been for some quick thinking, and quick convincing my mom into thinking I applied primer to the wall, I probably would not have another paintball gun in my room today. Later on that fall (I forgot if it was '07 or '08) I brought the damn thing to an all day game. I decided to run 12 grams, and wasted all of them because I did not know better then. So I sold it and steered clear of Phantoms.


So after maybe a year or so, and after buying a Thumper, and sending it in to be 'updated' (whenever that happens, the piston update is still up in the air), I decided to revisit fielding the Phantom as my primary. I looked at different setups, but I wanted to have a stock and a pump handle that was similar to the Autococker Pump kit setups I had used. One thing I did not lack now that I did then was money, my first setup was $176, stock-class, M16 grip (VERY uncomfy) and no stock (BIG mistake). So I spent like $210 or something on a decent Phantom package here on MCB, and got the gun of my dreams (after like five years of angst and frustration). I got home from school and decided to shoot the gun in my backyard (since it has just been sitting on my desk since I got it). Anyhow, I gassed it up with a Leland, and it shot like a dream, and every shot zipped across the green to the penguin target I had setup. One thing I noticed was that, if I shot REALLY badly dimpled paint, it'd still shoot, but veer off the target considerably; with fresh paint though you can't miss. So I ordered a ghost-ring sight from WWA and hopefully it shows up before next Saturday's game (without a red-dot or ghost-ring sight, the Phantom is a bitch to make precise shots with).

In any event, me and my ho have a long ways to go, but for the most part, I'm not going to write off the Phantom just yet.
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