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PSP 1000 w/ 6 games, 1 movie, and a case $75

I have a PSP 1000 that I do not use at all
Comes with
Transformers The Game
Final Fantasy
Star Wars Battlefront II
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Monster Hunter Freedom
Mortal Kombat Unchained
Superbad Unrated
PSP case
2GB SD card

All the games/movie are good to go. The charger has no problems. The case is nice. the over all condition of the psp is ok, there are scratches but nothing too bad. There is no panel to keep the battery in an atm for some reason the battery is having trouble siting right. So the most that you could have to do is maybe get a new battery and battery door. Other than that no real problems.

$75 OBO

WTB Datsun 280Z Parts

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