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WGP VF Tactical Build

Not sure if this is where I should post this one.... you can move it if needed.

I just scored on a nice NOS WGP Tactical body and front block. Been collecting parts for this build for a while now and have almost everything needed except the guards. I have drawn up the guards and will be CNC lasering them soon enough.

Parts Needed:
Trigger frame <---- Already have
Valve <---- Already have
Valve retainer <---- Already have
Hammer <---- Already have
Springs <---- Already have
IVG <---- Already have
Cocking rod <---- Already have
Front block tactical guard <---- Searching
Timing rod tactical guard <---- Already have
Ergo regulator <---- Already have
WGP tactical barrel kit <---- Already have
Beavertail <---- Already have
Trigger <---- Already have

Pics of collection so far:

PM me about Autococker machining!

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