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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
Sent you-

1x Blue works barrel 14" - mine
1x Black autococker bull barrel 10" - Stilgar's
i think i saw em and took em to the shop already

Originally Posted by roosterqmoney View Post
I want to get my stock trracer barrel bored, I also intend to cut it down to like 6 to eight inches. will that be too short for you to work on? I dropped it down a 15 foot cliff and left a ding on the end, figured I'd make it more pistol like. Also whats the current turn around time looking like?
new or old?
if its the new empire trracer, yes
if its the old one... see below

Originally Posted by Orpackrat View Post
If its for a PMI Trracer, the barrel can be bored but the barrel walls will be paper thin. My barrel that was bored ended up getting twisted off in the marker.
but atleast you had 15 giftcards... no biggie :P

Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
hm just realized stanch hasnt been on in a few days, hope everything is fine
just got back from supergame
50 welts
no voice
chaffed pretty good

Originally Posted by CrazyRuskii View Post
According to Facebook, he got back from Supergame about eight hours ago.

had a blast
we won, nice come from behind victory!
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