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Even though your post contained a fair amount of info and a goggle-dive on the word "cz75" yeilded some interesting info and images, I can't really shake the feeling that you just insulted me in some subtile way by phrasing your reply like you did. You know, you could have just told us instead of making us hunt for the information on google. That would have been the more nice thing to do. Even so, I also feel I must thank you for your input. Should I be grateful or offended?

EDIT: After mabe 1 minute of thinking: Do you imply that the intelligence level of the topic was below your usual standard?

EDIT AGAIN: So the name 86 doesn't have enything to do with angle at all does it? Then what does the name come from? Does that mean the phantom 86grip has an angle that is most like the cz75 handgun grip angle and that the 86 grips that CCM has on their markers is much altered but still use the same type of grip panel as the CZ75. I don't own a CCM marker, so please don't assume I know stuff that you CCM owners take for granted. Think of me as stupid, when you explain things to me and we'll avoid all missunderstandings in the future.

Originally Posted by spymongoose View Post
one word on the "angle" and grip panels...


That one word ought to bring the intelligence level of this thread go up to acceptable MCB standards.
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