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"cz75 - google is your friend" would have been a friendlier post?

Yea I thought the IQ level was drooping some, dipping into the subtleties of what grips did and didnt fit, why the 86 degree angle wasnt actually 86 degrees, and even "86 degrees would be forward pointing" at one point.

some examples:
Originally Posted by Ghostpilot View Post
Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me like the 86grip for phantom isn't 86 degree angle at all. Is it called 86grip mainly because it takes the same panels as a "real" 86frame or is it really an 86 degree angle?
Originally Posted by Ghostpilot View Post
86 degrees is nearly 90 degrees that would mean it would point slitgtly forward.
followed by lots of incorrect information from other posters.

In my estimation this thread is only missing one "your mama" joke, the word "noob", and a sexually based internet meme away from achieving total PBN status.

86 degree frame was called such due to it being 4 degrees canted backwards from completely vertical.
What is called an 86 degree frame, in reference to grip frqames that are not angled to CCM's 86 degree angle, is a cz75 gripframe that retains the orignial grip compatibility of the cz75 pistol.
the "whatever version" that doesnt fix x grip is due to errors in machining in either the gripframe or the grip itself.
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