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I have owned jcurt's 90, ccm's 86, and cci's 45. Thoughts on each coming from someone with large hands; vsc setup
jcurt : as a pistol grip it is horrid. using a stock it is perfect. Acts somewhat like a zgrip making your elbow stay tight to your body.

Ccm : my favorite, works well as pistol or rifle. But very small, pinky hangs off in pistol.

Cci : best as a pistol, but still good as a rifle. If you like aftermarket grips this is the way to go.

Personal thoughts is ccm looks the best in a vsc setup since the angle of the grip and changer are almost paralel.

Currently own jcurts and will keep using it on my setup with L stock. My next phantom build is a pistol and I will be using a cci 45 just to be able to use some nice 1911 grips.

Pardon me if this makes little sense, typing on my phone while on painpills..
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