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No in-depth CAM experience here, I'm the manual job and tooling/fixturing guy when I'm not setting and operating. I prefer it that way, usually programmers have to deal with more stress on a constant basis and I'd rather enjoy my job for a bit lower pay, especially now that I've got my own show to focus most of my energy on.

Next addition to the shop: Nice turret lathe... this Wade 94 most likely once it's reverted back to its original 3-phase drive (some ******* converted it to single phase operation... I hate single phase for machinery).

Six position turret (brass and hardwood handle, Velcor-approved), two-tool cross-slide attachment for turning/grooving, and part-off attachment which goes directly on the head around the spindle. All lever action of course. And I just bought a 35 piece 5C collet set for the Hardinge which means a full set for this machine as well

three words about the color scheme though: Boring as ****. Maybe we could do a Retro splash finish on it or something

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