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Originally Posted by Pillowfire View Post
I can't see what innovations this thing has that make it stand out from other pump guns in performance. Any improvements in internals would hardly be noticable if you have to pump it after every shot.
Have you been playing pump long or at all? For starters any improvemnt in efficiency with a pump action (as you call it) guns is a benefit. Smaller tanks smaller profile make it easier to work your way around the field. Stability from the AT not rocking your finger and a smoother pump equal out to a flatter/stable firing platform. Now if you do the wild west/sarah conner shotgun pump on it then yes, nothing will help on a pump action gun.

As far as the outside goes, it has grown on me. Yes, it looks like a space dildo, however that was what the style of the guns was supposed to closely reflect (I think that was mentioned). If you want bulky and clunky go with a Traccer it has picatinny rails and allsorts of cool tactical looking features, me simple and clean wins out. Again my opinion.
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