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Bellicos was selling a few things at the SG 43 swap meet for his neighbor.
I saw the Impulse and thought it was a Viking at first. After I looked at it closer I noticed it was an Impulse.

Then someone else picked it up and I noticed more of it. It did have a Unique look to it and had a few upgrades as well. My Wife walked up and I started pulling out gold coins.

I asked the guy holding it if he was going to buy it and he said "NO". So I handed over the cash and walked away with it.

I knew that it had an air leak and I could tell that by the busted Oring and sealent around LPR cap and the tape worm. Also noticed the Knob on the ANS Jack Hammer will not turn.

The bottle was also out of Hydro, but that was taken care of right away. I was concerned about a small ding in the tank. Before I paid for hydro, I had the Tech check it out before I paid. No problem, no light was shining thru.

However he said the big test was the 7000 PSI test that was needed to make sure it would properly pass. So I paid my $20 and the next day it had the pass sticker test. So it met all safety criteria .

I found it funny that this was a:

3295 PSI/88 CU

I had never seen one with an odd number "PSI"

Originol factory hydro date:

Last Hydro date:

Newest Hydro date:

The board works and it "chirps". Not sure what type it is, but both are very clean.

It was missing the valve spring, but I ordered a few off Ebay.

Also came with an Air America Messiah regulator. I might just put this on another gun. I have a few SP regulators laying around that will go well with the gun to help restore it to factory.

Over all I think $125 was a decent deal and it also helped someone out in need. What will happen once this gun is cleaned,new orings and lubed, I don't know. I might sell it. Maybe I'll have the barrel freak bored before I do.


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