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Originally Posted by secretweaponevan View Post
Monopoly on the NES.
The AI would spend all it's money to either get a monopoly, or break up a monopoly.
Just get him to spend all his money on either and every other property would go to auction which you could win for $1.
Monopoly on the (original) xbox was pretty terrible as well. I think the computer player's actions were determined at the beginning of the turn sequence (rather than at the beginning of its actual turn) as it would try to initiate a trade and then the game would freeze on the trade screen if the property it was presumably interested in had changed hands before its turn (i.e. you had boardwalk, it had park place, and you managed to trade for the latter and complete the set on your turn before the computer's turn).

I've had plenty of games with dumb AI, but one that locks up every time a fairly common event occurs is absolutely unacceptable.
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