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Originally Posted by hellion360 View Post
My most recent AKA acquisitions were.
FSP 04with all internal cuts and RT Valve and Tadao: dust brown with wear @$600 shipped.
FSP 04 all internal cuts and buttcrack - regular valve and Tadao and a Powerlyte match anno'd barrel kit - absolutely immaculate stormtrooper anno @$700 Shipped.
Those are really good deals. I typically see FSP's start around $800. I've seen more than a few really pretty ones sell for more than $1k.

So... I don't know. $900 doesn't sound crazy. You DO have lots of nice goodies on that beauty.

I mean, I just sold (a month ago) a completely stock '04 for $400, and you've got a great milling job (+$200), a great frame (+$150), a nice board (+$100), and a simple anno that has mass appeal (+$100). Plus a few other nice additions. So, $900 doesn't sound like a rip-off. It sounds fair. You've pretty much put together what I (and many other, I would dare to speculate) would call a "perfect" Viking. For anyone else to recreate what you've done, they'd have to (a) spend more money than your asking and (b) wait a long, long time to go through the process of milling, anno, etc.

If you are committed to put it up for sale, I say go with your gut and start at $900. If it doesn't move and you're getting desperate, you can always lower the price later.

That said, if you do want to start lower.... like, $700, I can assure you it would move real quick... if you know what I mean (wink wink, nudge nudge).
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