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Originally Posted by lexiones View Post
That is a bada** little turret lathe.

Where I work almost everyone does programming, setup and operation. But most of our orders are for 1-5 parts so we are responsible for everything from drawing to part.

We use gibbs mainly. If I were doing higher production I would prefer mastercam. But for low run 5 axis operation I love gibbs. It is really easy once you start using it.
I dont understand Gibbs. Here's a little test part I tried to put into Gibbs (made in Solidworks), but it's always on the wrong side! I've tried rotating it, tried moving origo but as you can see in the pic, Y is where Z should be. What am I doing wrong? The grid is suppoed to be on the top

Writing G-code by hand is much easier than this IMO, but I guess this will save you time when you learn it.
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