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Hey, I held a local J12 in my hands today! You have to see it in person, it is INCREDIBLE (like all other CCM stuff but more), the feel is very impressive, points like a dream. 14" barrel is the BOMB!

I launched 200 rds at the chrono station, chronoed a few rounds, it was very consistent. .679 insert w/ 14" barrel shot great! The paint was Draxxus Silver...not round, .677-.684 (I am giving up on Draxxus) and it shot great (my theory it that with bad paint, the CCM sizers are better than DW w/ freak inserts).

I am very poor with my left hand (working on this lately), and the J12 felt very natural in my left hand, I am not as accurate as with my right but fairly close.

86 trigger frame is very comfortable....I am sure a good friend of mine will post soon with pics, he played 4 games with it.

This was a prototype, there are a few minor issues to work out....I don't think it is fair to CCM to give exact details. Let me but it this way, if I had the chance to buy a prototype, it would be mine....defanitely getting loot together for the first run.

I honestly think if you held it your hand, played a few games with it, you would be sold on it! I definitely am.
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