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Stock CCI body (added teflon tape to both feed block and front grip frame screw)
Trracer BBA
Azodin Regulator screwed into BBA set to around 490 PSI
11" barrel bored for Freak inserts
Polished Stock Bolt
Polished stock hammer
Stock Power Tube
Red Maddman Spring as main
Very light valve spring (non-standard, but similar to or lighter than Autococker sear spring)
HSC bottom line with macro line running to reg.

Velocity set to an average of 275 FPS
25-27 degrees Celcius (77-80 f)
about 5 seconds between shots (the time it takes me to put everything down, write down FPS values and then shoot again.)
42 shots at set velocity + two shots below ( 250, 220, vent)

Recently acquired a SSC fluted hammer and am experimenting with increased post reg valve volume as I've found that current valve volume might be starving the marker at sub 600 PSI pressures. Preliminary testing is proving positive. I'll update this when I've redone efficiency testing.
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