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68 automag bolt springs differences and body dent repair?

I just picked up a 68 automag, not a classic but older sn 23515. It has the aluminum grip frame, sp wood grips(no on my micromag ). Anyways, I'll post pics later in the week. The gun has a foamie bolt with black foamie. What level would this be? Also it has a regular level 7 bolt. The bolt springs are both black (cleaning up the rust, so steel?) and are about 1/8th of an inch longer than the newer brass looking bolt springs I have in my parts kits. Are the black springs just old and work as good as the newer ones or should I just replace it?

Secondly, the body is a right powerfeed ss body. It has this tiny dint in the end of the body so the barrel can't slip in. How or what should I use to tap it out? Or should I just sand it down?
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