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Killjoy ROC Stock 2.0 IN STOCK!!!

The biggest complaint about the original ROC Stock was the weight. It weighed in close to 2 lbs. We took a hard look at the design and removed as much weight as possible without sacrificing any functionality.

Saving weight is important to most players and we are dedicated to giving players what they want. The new stock weighs only 1 lb.


- R. Reversible for RIGHT or LEFT Handed Users
- O. Offset Design Allows for Increased Mask Clearance
- C. Collapsible, 6 Positions of Adjustability
- Precison Machined Aluminum Stock
- Anodized Flat Black
- FAST ONE HANDED Adjustability
- Machined Non-Slip Shoulder Pad
- Adjustable mounting height
- Independent Recoil Pad Height Adjustment

Fits the following markers:

Tippmann A-5
Tippmann X7 & X7 Phenom
Tiberius T9.1
GOG G1/ SP-1
Etha EMC Kit
98 style markers


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