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ok here is the story guys

Caramtech stated that they "Own the patent" in many videos (quoted as saying "Not many people know this, but we own the patent")
well it has just come out that their patent is still pending
Well Rap4 has STILL agreed to pay per mag to carmatech to get this ball rolling.....Well carmatech is having cash flow issues (hence the $1000 BETA B.S )
and are sitting on their hands for more money then what RAP4 has offered.....
so Carmatech is holding up the Dmags, at this moment NO ONE can blame rap4 for this
as its out of their hands.

I'm not the biggest RAP4 supporter but I believe the truth should be told and a company should not take flak if another company is holding the products up.

Rap4 has the kits and mags ready to go(minsu the phenom kits those should be ready in 2-3 weeks) and are gonna wait a week or two before getting their lawyers involved. Hopefully this gets solved quickly and the Dmags are released before summer.

Also the light has hit RAP4, they have some great stuff coming up by the end of next year.



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