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Originally Posted by mrfranswa View Post
As far as preordering goes..... I don't mean to sound like a troll, but you should have known better. New paintball tech is more spotty than video games, and they are ALWAYS delayed. I really want to get back into paintball and I'm waiting for these to be produced.

In the meantime I'm just sitting and waiting. Due to the extremely simple designs, I can't see them not meeting demand, and competition, (aka ripoffs), are only a few months behind. I'm speculating a lot of mainstream manufacturers *coughTippmanncough* are waiting to see how well these do before throwing their hats into the ring.

Yup, I never pre-order anything, If i really wanted it i wait for some one itrust to do a quick review then i pick it up for my self

now tippmann has been a follower for a while, they were asked a while back about doing a pistol they said there is NO market for a paintball pistol....well the T8 came out and had HUGE exposure.....a couple months later the TPX came out. They were told to use a spool valve like marker, they said no
well the Tm7 and Tm15 came out.....couple months later the Phenom came out
the tippmann family no longer owns Tippmann, its owned by some golf guy now he is in it for the money and less for innovative paintball stuff
hence the cross over and not a mag fed marker..... well

but im assuming they are waiting to release it after they see how mag fed takes off, they had some troubles with it
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