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SR-1 Optics Discussion

Ill update this first post tonight but for now let's move our optic-mod discussion here.

It appears as if we are cluttering up the main thread with the optic discussion so please feel free to clean up that thread and move your posts here.

This IS going to be fun!


Ok I have been searching high and low for the perfect optic for the SR-1. I guess anticipation is part of the fun so I find it amusing to ponder the what if's associated with this new marker. After much thought I am of the opinion that we may need a paradigm shift in the way we are going to utilize any optics. I recall how excited I was to get the Tiberius T4, it had the look and is i a fantastic marker created for the First Strike platform but at the end of the day the scope although cool, lacked any usefulness because the optic was created for a different projectile with a totally different trajectory. I found it annoying to see a large slow arch of both paintballs and FS rounds through the lens, it just didnt feel natural and left me wanting more and thus I sold the gun, big mistake!

Enter the beginning of the paradigm shift,

I think it was Bill who started the camera phone idea. Although a novelty it really got me to thinking this could be the one new direction that has not been considered! Thus I started looking for an optic that would not only look great but that would offer minimum magnification thus eliminating the annoying scope view arch. Although I find the search entertaining I found myself falling into my old paradigm of looking for an optic with a perfect combination range finder and illuminated dot.

It is my contention that in theory the cell phone view finder could be the best way to utilize the SR-1's capabilities. By using the viewfinder method, a masked shooter need only glance down to sight in ones mark with out compromising ones tactical advantage. If you have ever used a scope for any reason you realize while sighting you leave yourself in a vulnerable position which would allow your adversary to flank your position especially in the fast paced game of paintball.

Paradigm Shift

Given the parameters that the user would utilize some type of optic device along with some type of view finder. Your next step would be to find the perfect combination of reticle/magnification for ranging the trajectory of the First Strike round. Where do we go from here? I think we can all agree that minimum magnification would be the most effective however this may not be the case for everyone. As I was looking through he multitude of sight options it hit me like a ton of bricks....

Why look for the perfect sight that would incorporate both a range finder and an illuminated dot system, why not think outside the box? I think it was Bruce Lee who said "Don't concentrate on the finger pointing to the moon or you will miss all that heavenly glory."
With that in mind, why not utilize the viewfinder as a rangefinder?

APPS For Paintball?

Enter Theodolite, one of many rangefinder scope available for the iPhone. All the features work flawlessly and every button has a purpose, even touching the MAP button brings up google maps for location services. Touching the reticle offers the user to change it for several different looks. The app also offers 1x-4x zoom capabilities, pretty cool indeed.

Here is how the target looks withput the zoom enabled.

No need for a scope app you say?? Tthats too difficult. Why not make this easier? Why not create a static cling clear sticky with a preprinted reticle/rangefinder that could be tweaked to match the First Strike rounds trajectory perfectly. We could create a variety of choices have them pre printed on the static clings as a set. This idea could be the next big leap in meshing technology with paintball. It would allow for user tweaking and be fun as all get out.

To illustrate my idea I took a piece of cling wrap and crudely drew a range finder just to get your creative juices flowing;

I now turn it over to you for discussion, have fun, think outside the box and maybe, just maybe together we can complete a much needed paradigm shift in the way the SR-1 can be utilized.

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