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Originally Posted by paintballmonkey View Post
I just picked up a used X-valve tac-one on eBay. When I aired it up the first time the gun went off without me touching the trigger. When I actually did pull the trigger, it would fire one time and air would rush out the barrel. If I degassed the gun and aired it up again, I could fire another shot and it would leak again down the barrel.

All I got from the seller was the mag. From what I have read, it looks like I should troubleshooting with carriers, but I have none. Any idea where I can get a carrier kit? I contacted the seller, but haven't received a response yet.
Did you get the one for $350?
Have you tried oilng it up.?
Oil everything up. And then drop another 5 drops into the airfittingnonnthe valve, and shoot it about 15-20 times.
If air still rushes out of the barrel, then get a carrier kit ffrom AGD or Tunamart.

If the oil doesn't do it, yu can always opt for sendit he gun to AGD to have it completely overhauled.
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