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OH, and vendors... Great to see everyone. Dye, Empire, Tippmann.... Tippmann guys were great. Nice chatting with you. Got to play with the Crossover, and a few of the guys on the "Rippers" third party team had some also. Great little gun.

Empire and Dye, they had their tech areas (I can only speak for those two because they were both used by either myself or one of the guys we flew out with), were great, quick to fix items. I know Tippmann had one also, but we didn't need it.

There are always needed and used, and players need to constantly thank these companies for the continued support they show us.

One word of advice for the companies... T-Shirts. I didn't see any t-shirts jumping out at me that I had to have. That's part 1. Part 2 of that is, why are they costing me so much at an event. Now I know $20 isn't a TON of money, and I would pay more at a concert event or something.... But I'm basically a walking billboard for your product. You would think you would want to get your logo out everywhere and sell those shirts cheap.

Anyhow, just a thought...
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