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It was great seeing all the Hawaiian shirts in play for this event. Although I had an absolute blast I agree that we should do an MCB get together next year. Maybe even put together an MCB squad and really wreak some havoc.

I spent the whole time as a medic, so I set my S6.5 as a sort of PDW with a 13 3K and a pocket hopper. I barely shot a case the whole weekend, but I sure used my pen a lot.

There were some very memorable moments for sure. My unit "The Praetorian Guard" had no real leadership so I would basically post up with the furthest blue unit I could find and keep them alive as long as possible. I ended up in Meridia supporting a "button push" mission with 7 other guys. Two were also medics and one was prettylou (our general). It was like being in a hailstorm when 40 or so red team tried to take us out. Never seen anything like it. The other medics and I took turns leaping over barricades to save our guys and laying next to Lou while he got shot over and over. At one point I looked over at one of the other medics who is laying down in a provocative position trying not to gt hit. He looks t me and says "Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack." I about laughed my *** off. Eventually, the barrels I was behind took a rocket which sucked cuz it killed me and 2 other guys.

Also, blue's "broken arrow" was pretty epic. I was with the first group to bust into Bedlam on that insert. About 8 of us made it ino th corner building and pissed some serious bad news down on red from there. Since I wa a medic we held on until the bitter end. It was fantastic! My total "save" count was 51 for Saturday and 52 for Sunday. I definitely want to medic again next year, it was challenging and rewarding and crazy and super fun.

It was a great event and I can hardly wait for next year - except I feel like I was run over by a truck. I made every insertion for the entire time both days and boy can I feel it today... Ouch.
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Extra bonus that you get spattered with brains. Extra man points if you later get hot hot sexxings from Cat while still covered in porcupine brains.
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